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I have recently been interested in the population of Facebook users from Africa with an emphasis on Nigeria and The Democratic Republic of Congo. Here is another found photo from facebook.


These are not my photos.

Pittsburgh PA’s Pillow Project on NPR

annapillowPittsburgh PA’s Pillow Project on NPR

The improv Free Jazzers that hail from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania were featured today on NPR. Every second Saturday at the Space Upstairs they perform with local Jazz musicians and other inspirational elements. The event is an experience completely different and original every time. Help shape the environment tomorrow night at Construction Junction in Point Breeze.


Backlit in D

This Should Hold
A 35mm oil painting

Taken with 35mm. No flash, natural lighting. Columbus, Ohio


Cute Cheeks from Pittsburgh’s own Alaska Thunderfuck

cell division spray paint

Looks like cell divison

local artist

Optimism by Mimicry