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Pittsburgh PA’s Pillow Project on NPR

annapillowPittsburgh PA’s Pillow Project on NPR

The improv Free Jazzers that hail from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania were featured today on NPR. Every second Saturday at the Space Upstairs they perform with local Jazz musicians and other inspirational elements. The event is an experience completely different and original every time. Help shape the environment tomorrow night at Construction Junction in Point Breeze.


Backlit in D

Last day of filming

Today I finished working on a short film set in Columbus, Ohio. The idea for the short came to me a few months back in April or May. Through the summer I slowly assembled a crew of people I’d met, seen in the community and found through craigslist. We started filming about a month or two ago and have finally finished. It took about 30 rolls of 35mm film and roughly 4-2hour days to shoot. I am so happy with my crew, Mathilda Longfellow,, Miharu Kato, and Sarah Achor, Now I have to get the music from cellist Kelly Quesada who is studying in Portland Oregon and I have to edit the photos together and the movie is pretty much done! So exciting. We are already planning the second short film and hope to have a few short films that we can compile into one longer film that may or may not represent something or some idea we’ll see. emphasis on art.

Barbie, pronounce bobby, was from 39

But that was 20 years ago
The pictures have changed,
gaiety’s dead.
Now the
actors wear
and no one
in white tails
with a champagne flute.

Photo of filming day 2

Photo thanks to Sarah Achor, talented Columbus artist. Along with Sarah, the brilliant Miharu Kato (fro) and Mathilda Longfellow (blonde) are helping me (bodiless legs) realize a short film set in Columbus, Ohio that I wrote a few months back.