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Photo taken indoors. No flash.


Backlit in D

cell division spray paint

Looks like cell divison

local artist

Occupying Pittsburgh, New York, Cincinnati, and Columbus

With the great help of Sarah Achor (Photographer, Artistic Consultant), Mathilda Longfellow (Artist and Performer) and Miharu Kato (Photographer) I am almost completed with my stop motion animated short film centering on the two sides of mathilda longfellow both as a confident bombshell and as a quirky boy. Over the past few weeks I’ve been to New York City for the hospitality motivation artists and Halloween, Cincinnati for the boys the dancing and the conversation and to Pittsburgh for the food the friends the dancing and here is some documentation of all of it. 

sandi petrie mario ashkar queerocracy symposium

Queerocracy Symposium Submission

I worked with a close friend, Sandi Petrie, who is a fiber artist working out of Cleveland, LA, and now Delaware. I wrote this poem and she drew the image based off it. They were accepted into the Queerocracy Symposium zine at the New School in New York City.