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Month: November, 2011

The Oil in the Arctic

drilling for love in all the wrong places

his face was the arctic,
and his eyes were the oil wells
when i looked at him i could see all the beauty and pain
and it made me want to cry

Don’t forget to eat.

Latest Photo Shoot

Olivier Samuel Albinus Laden

better known to his wives, his children,

poetic followers and brothers as

O. Sam A’Bin’ Laden

past away

peacefully in his sleep. weird.

March 9, 1957 – May 2, 2011 RIP

At a red hot light

At a red hot light

a bang like a shrill vacuum

stampeded my father who


looked up through the blue in his windshield

at the small-town sky in anticipation for

death from above.

Instead a crying girl

apologized for the bumper


she drove the black carriage

that transplanted him back

to his mostly suppressed youth in a

monastery in Lebanon

where he’d buried the dead between bombings

because the other boys were too afraid of ghosts.


Maybe it wasn’t 88

but that’s how I always remember it.

88 Ashkars I will never meet

slaughtered under cars, in their homes.

30 years and 7,000 miles away I’m safe and

I couldn’t imagine losing 88 (or so).

I love rejection letters.

Dear Mario Joseph Ashkar:

Thank you for sending us “My Father Who Art”.

Although we are unable to use the material you offered, we do thank you for sharing it with us. Since our space is limited we must often pass on well-crafted efforts. We wish you good fortune in placing your work elsewhere. Unfortunately, the number of submissions we receive does not permit us to personally comment on declined material.


The Editors of War, Literature & the Arts


Rejection letters remind me that a few months back I took a step forward and put myself out there. Getting rejection letters don’t fill me with sadness but actually make me feel motivated. There is something about not being liked that really gets me going. I will include the poems that I sent to them here.

Warhol Ekphrastic

I’ve come back here

I knew my way this time

and I come to you because

the others were taken and

you excite and upset me

your contrasting shadows and

white features

your leather jacket

and painful ejaculation

you thrust forwards and I know

your 1/2 and 1/2 grey scaled neck

your new-born nose sprouting from

out of the blackness

two ghostly disks fall phantom

over your eyes your forehead

an unmarked page crisp and inviting

and just as intimidating

and your cheekbones

are perfect your lips

perfect your hand with

no distinction or detail is perfect

the light feels its way around your

cheeks and finds your ears

cowering crying and your white neck

my teeth in your white neck

your blue jeans have color and so do your

legs that I bow before intent

and all for Andy

and all for art and I know

and you know that this is real

your eyes for the first time

I see your eyes the way your

mother saw them and

the razor bumps on your neck

my teeth in your

porous and corrugated neck

the light unknowing and unintended

sweeps away the dark from your pupils

and shows me your pupils

you smoke striking

inhaling lazily

exhaling wondering

what this is

I continue

you are unattached

removed and bored

the bricks behind you crumbling

and raw show more

than your body tells me

lifeless and reactionless

and I paint you now like Andy

filmed you then but I see you

on my knees and I know

more than your mother knows

and I know more than

Andy knows but you know

less than all of us

you know what your wristwatch tells you

the unbiased light now

opens the floor in your hand

of dried valleys where the skin has

been folding for 24 years

and your forehead and cheek

bones perfect and saintly as the minutes

count down to seconds 16

15 a light flashes and white dots

replace you in my eyes

Occupying Pittsburgh, New York, Cincinnati, and Columbus

With the great help of Sarah Achor (Photographer, Artistic Consultant), Mathilda Longfellow (Artist and Performer) and Miharu Kato (Photographer) I am almost completed with my stop motion animated short film centering on the two sides of mathilda longfellow both as a confident bombshell and as a quirky boy. Over the past few weeks I’ve been to New York City for the hospitality motivation artists and Halloween, Cincinnati for the boys the dancing and the conversation and to Pittsburgh for the food the friends the dancing and here is some documentation of all of it. 

Last day of filming

Today I finished working on a short film set in Columbus, Ohio. The idea for the short came to me a few months back in April or May. Through the summer I slowly assembled a crew of people I’d met, seen in the community and found through craigslist. We started filming about a month or two ago and have finally finished. It took about 30 rolls of 35mm film and roughly 4-2hour days to shoot. I am so happy with my crew, Mathilda Longfellow,, Miharu Kato, and Sarah Achor, Now I have to get the music from cellist Kelly Quesada who is studying in Portland Oregon and I have to edit the photos together and the movie is pretty much done! So exciting. We are already planning the second short film and hope to have a few short films that we can compile into one longer film that may or may not represent something or some idea we’ll see. emphasis on art.